Leif Östling.

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Chairman of the Board, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise,
Chairman of SKF Group, previously CEO of Scania

Östling started his career at the Scania Truck Division of the Saab-Scania Group as a trainee in 1972 after a double degree (a Master of Engineering degree from Chalmers and a Master of Economics degree from the Gothenburg School of Economics), and here he stepped up steadily for the career ladder to the headquarters, from which he successfully played a leading role for many years. When Scania 1994 became an independent corporation, Leif Östling was appointed President and CEO of Scania AB, where he stayed until September 2012. After that he became a member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG with responsibility for Group Commercial Vehicles. Most recently he has taken on the role as Chairman of the Board, at Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Leif Östling has become known as a controversial business debate leader who are not afraid to make bold statements.

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